As the summer turns into the fall, Things are changing all around us. Days are getting shorter, with the darkness creeping in earlier. Kids are back to school across the United States, and parents are back into the normal swing of things that they are used to.

The Brotographer is also changing. In a good way that is. Since we launched in the early summer of 2015, we have enjoyed a growing following and a reasonable amount of success in the “blogosphere”. Because of the continued support of readers like you, we have been working on expanding various sections of the website to include content that we believe will interest you. I have always been a huge proponent of style when it comes to the creative industries. I’ve mentioned it multiple times in reviews and articles, but I really believe that people in the creative industries should look good while they’re doing what they do. Putting forth confidence not only in your abilities, but also in your attire and persona, is needed in my opinion. I’m not talking about being proud to the point of making it a fault; I am simply talking about confidence and how you carry yourself. One can be humble yet confident at the same time, and I believe that the way we show ourselves to our clients and those around us can help put forth that confidence.

I also believe in health and fitness. I was a college athlete, and my wife Beth has been in the fitness industry for several years and has her degree in Health Science. As creatives, we are constantly working around the clock on projects, which can be a great thing. A good work ethic is needed in this industry. However, in the midst of that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.

With style, health, and fitness all in mind, we at The Brotographer are launching a new lifestyle section of the website, where we will give you health and fitness tips, as well as style guides for creatives. We will be partnering with various companies and brands to showcase equipment and apparel in an effort to show you what we believe can help your wellness goals, and also to put that stylish foot forward that I talk about so much. We also will be using these opportunities to do photo shoots with this equipment and apparel, and help you learn as much about lighting, settings, and our mindset when we are shooting as we can.

With that in mind, the following is our first post in this new section. Your feedback is always appreciated.


Fall Fitness – NOBULL Photo Shoot

With summer coming to an end and today being the first day of Fall, it is a changing season of life. Did you hit your fitness goals for the summer? If not, there’s no better time to start than now. I find to that the Fall is my favorite time of year to get out and workout outside. My wife and I enjoy getting out to the junior college track to run and do activities like stairs on days when we’re not lifting weights. Here in the central valley of California, the summers can be brutal with temperatures rising above 100° on most days. September, October, and November are welcomed with open arms because of the cooler evenings. However, it’s not so cool that you’re freezing went outside at 6:30 in the evening. That’s what makes this time of year fantastic in my opinion. While we enjoy getting out to the track, you don’t need an athletic facility to get out of be active. Even a simple parking lot will do.



I don’t know where you are on your health and wellness journey, but I’m a huge proponent of lifting weights. However, I sometimes find myself staying in the weight room too much and not getting out and being as active as I should in a more calisthenics minded way.

Some exercises that really get me winded when not lifting weights are push-ups, pull-ups, sprints, burpees, and even something like jumping jacks.


This Fall, take the opportunity to get out and be active in a different way than you are used to. In the process, you might find yourself enjoying certain activities that you never thought you would.

thebrotographer_2016_nobull_0060 thebrotographer_2016_nobull_0023-edit


The featured clothing in this photo shoot is from a brand called NOBULL. Based out of the Boston area, NOBULL is a Crossfit style brand that I really enjoy wearing. Their trainers are indestructible, and they have a simple but very fashionable design to their shoes and apparel. I reviewed their Duffleback a while back, and also converted it into a camera backpack with the use of a Pelican 1510 insert. It’s a fantastic and discrete setup that looks nothing like a typical camera bag. I’ve never heard of anyone stealing a gym bag, so I think you’ll be pretty safe if you choose this combination.




The gear in this article is listed below for easy purchasing.

NOBULL – Duffleback

NOBULL – Just The Horns Tee

NOBULL – Just The Horns Snapback

NOBULL – David Tee

NOBULL – Grey White Trainer (Women’s)

NOBULL – Army Grey Trainer (Men’s)

thebrotographer_2016_nobull_0015 thebrotographer_2016_nobull_0008 thebrotographer_2016_nobull_0029 thebrotographer_2016_nobull_0035 thebrotographer_2016_nobull_0038 thebrotographer_2016_nobull_0055 thebrotographer_2016_nobull_0005 nobull