I’m a firm believer that we shouldn’t always be looking outward for inspiration. All too often, there are things right in front of us that can inspire us, yet we just don’t look for them. However, the Internet has provided creatives with a unique opportunity. That being the ability to look at and watch another creative’s work very easily, which might in turn inspire us or teach us something that we did not previously know.

YouTube has provided me with that unique viewpoint over the years. From tutorials to opinions, everything under the sun can be found on the platform. Yet there is definitely some content that I find invokes inspiration out of me more than others. One of those pieces is a series from Adorama called Through The Lens. Adorama’s Through The Lens is a series that typically focuses on a single theme for each season. Their third season was focused on Cuba, which was very interesting to watch. The fourth season has been focused on Europe and creatives from around the continent.

Yes, the images that these artists capture our beautiful. What really inspires me though is hearing them talk about their craft and what inspires them. It inspires an introspective mindset in me that in turn makes me think about my own craft a little differently than before. This mindset is not only positive for me, but shows through in the work that I produce.

I highly encourage you to head over to Adorama’s YouTube channel and subscribe. These episodes are highly produced and really inspiring from the production point of view as well. If you are an aspiring documentarian, take note as to how they allow the artist to tell their own story in the short amount of time allotted. You will definitely learn something new.

Check out Adorama’s Through The Lens series HERE.

Check out Adorama’s YouTube channel HERE.

Some of my favorite Through The Lens episodes: