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Memory cards are a hard item to review. I don’t have the time or the capability to put them through scientific reviews, testing read and write speeds compared to the advertised specifications. If you saw the title and thought that, you may want to look elsewhere. I do, however, have a leg up on testing and reviewing CFast 2.0 cards. I am lucky enough to own and use a Canon 1DX Mark II, which of course uses CFast 2.0 and compact flash cards.

The 1DX Mark II is useful in testing CFast 2.0 cards because of its extreme data rates and need for fast write speeds. Its fast Dual Digic 6+ processors are able to put through extreme amounts of data. With its ability to shoot 14fps or 16fps in live view, and video data rates exceeding 800mbps while shooting 4K 60fps video, you’re going to need a beast of a card. Thus the need for the very fast CFast 2.0 slot. Like I mentioned, I cannot scientifically test these cards, but in a way I can. If they live up to the extreme data rates coming of the 1DX Mark II’s sensor, they’ll handle any other camera needing to use CFast 2.0.

CFast 2.0 cards are extremely expensive compared to other media. I own a few CFast 2.0 cards from brands like Sandisk and Lexar, which can run in the $350 range. I wanted to see of the $189 Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card would live up to the usual performance I was used to and have come to expect.freetail tech

Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 – Performance

Listed Specs

  • 560MB/s Read Speed
  • 465 MB/s Write Speed
  • Guaranteed VPG-130 (130MB/s video write speed)

At the end of the day, performance is all that matters. With the 1DX Mark II’s ability to rattle off shots and empty the buffer, it just needed to work. I’m not usually a “spray and pray” shooter, but sometimes it’s necessary. Having confidence in your card it of the utmost importance. My main day of testing involved me trekking out to Sacramento, California for a Reebok Spartan race. My foot was bothering me, so I had to pull out of the race, allowing my wife to instead run it with my sister in law. I grabbed the trusty 1DX Mark II, Tamron 150-600mm G2, Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card, and took pictures instead.

The Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card easily handled short bursts of 5-7 images at a time, as any CFast 2.0 card would. The real test came when a decisive moment was needed, and holding down the shutter button for extended periods of time was the only way to get the shot. In this scenario, the Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card handled it with ease, keeping up the camera’s ability to dump the RAW files.

The Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card easily handles 14fps

With rates of 800mbps on the high end, the 1DX Mark II is a beast when it comes to video data rates as well. The Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card is VPG-130 rated. This rating stands for Video Performance Guarantee. The “130” is the standard for shooting 130MB/s video, enough for cinema-quality 4K video in the latest professional video cameras, and 8K in some situations. I easily recorded 4K at 60fps and 800mbps, so the Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card passed the video test with flying colors.

Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 – Build Quality

I cannot make any discernable difference between the Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card and the more expensive Sandisk and Lexar cards. While some specialty CFast 2.0 cards are metal, the Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card is made of plastic. I’ve never found the need for metal, and plastic cards are more than enough for me. Another thing worth mentioning about the build is that the cards from Freetail aren’t just rebranded memory cards like other 3rd party cards. Freetail actually manufacters the cards themselves, which only helps with quality control and general quality.

Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 – Value

The Evoke CFast 2.0 card comes in at $189, which is a steal for a CFast 2.0 card. For name brands, you’ll be paying nearly double that price. The savings garnered on this card could allow you to buy another accessory, save up for a lens, or even another card, as having a few is always the best bet. So value for money beats most other brands, even the more well known companies.


I’ve had a very pleasant experience with the Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card. Its performance has held up well against the big boys in the memory card industry. Unlike other 3rd party manufacturers creating cheap SD cards, the Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card has me sold. I have not tested the card long term, but I’ll bring you any updates if anything changes. I definitely recommend the Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card to anyone looking to get a great memory card at a more affordable price.

Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 Card Review
The Freetail Tech Evoke CFast 2.0 card is a fantastic lower cost CFast 2.0 option if you're looking to save some cash without sacrificing quality.
Great read and write speeds
Same build quality as bigger brands
Haven't tested its durability over the course of years.
Fantastic Low Cost Option